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Many times I’ve read comments online about how some people refuse to read authors who have too many works coming out. They feel as if the more writing, the less likely the stories will be good.

I’m fairly sure this isn’t true. Some authors have a large number of stories on their HD before they are accepted by a publisher. Lord knows, my HD was already filled to bursting with works before The Power of Two was ever accepted by Phaze. Not to mention Blood Ties, Blood Magic and half of Blood Sins was already written at that point. Plus TPA 1 and 2, and part of 3.

This year Myc and I have quite a few works both solo and duet. 7 print books plus 15 ebooks, and that’s not counting Myc’s solo stuff. Those ebooks were on my HD for quite a while before acceptance.

I do tend to be a prolific writer and can output 90k in a month if the muse bites me badly enough. I don’t believe that makes the story any less well written or interesting than a book the author spends three years slaving to write.

At this point I have about 800,000 words in stories on my HD. None are accepted for publication as yet. It’ll be a while before I get them off my HD, and I’m still writing more everyday. Maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t automatically dismiss an author who has multiple works coming out.

Speaking of which, His Sire’s Heart is coming out earlier than I thought it would be. Myc kindly did the first edits on it for me while I was on vacation in Iowa. Thank you, beloved co-author. Sire’s is coming out Aug. 23 from Torquere. So for those who love the Regency and paranormal, you might be interested.

On the personal level, I greatly enjoyed my vacation. Attended the QuadCity Air Show. Awesome show with the Blue Angels. Also explored some of the Maquoketa Caves. Now that was great. No guided tours. Just crawling through water and mud, exploring caves. Flashlight necessary. At one point, my son’s flashlight start going dim, and I had images of being stuck in the cave with no light, trying to feel our way out. *L* It was fantastic.

Also saw Kung Fu Panda and Get Smart. Enjoyed both movies at the drive in, plus a beautifully dark sky littered with stars. It’s been a while since I’ve seen skies like that.
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In the Middle of Nowhere

July is going to be a big month for me and Myc. The Duke's Husband and Magic and the Pagan will be in print. The Prince's Angel goes into print, plus the sequel, And the Two Shall Become One, is out in ebook and print. When I Dream of You comes out in ebook.

June 15/16 I'm heading off for vacation to Iowa then to Ohio. I should be back well before TPA2 promo time. I seriously need it, believe me. Both Myc and my muses are suffering something fierce.

I'm going to try to write some while I'm gone, but it's not a priority. The priority is peace and quiet. 7 is finally done, which is a minor miracle in and of itself. Sorry to say I really wilt under contracted work. *sighs* Myc thrives under it, I get sucked dry by it.

Plus it's hot here, and I need a nap. Really need a nap.
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I'll Never Recover

Two strangers on the intranetz are saying nasty things about each other.

I know, most of us will be unable to get over the shock.

This is a rather musing post, and more about the best way to react if a complete stranger on the internet calls you names.

After you recover from the overwhelming shock, you must hirez your intranetz lawyer before they do. Do not forget to threaten others with slander, it makes you look important. Then you may feel free to sling names as well.

Kindly remember that those of us watching are NOT amused by such names as bitch or cunt. Your audience requires you to be imaginative. Pox ridden vagina bag or Highway Hole at least show you possess something similar to imagination.

Remember nothing is sacred in the usage of flame wars. The more you spout, the more you score. Ignore all those folk who tell you you look like an idiot. They are just jealous of your keen wit. Really.

Why am I posting this? People really do need to know the proper technique of flaming. If you have an ounce of brains, you will not take the above advice. Instead you will just laugh your ass off. Which is all a complete stranger deserves. Stop and think about it.
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Snap Decision is out

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time gains Ace Cameron knowledge she should never have. Unfortunately the picture she took doesn't show a damn thing.

With a new mission in life, Ace sets out to prove vampires exist. When she drags her new assistant, Xavier, in with her, he finds himself busy trying to keep both of them alive.

Do vampires really exist? Ace is determined to get to the truth even if it kills her.

Buy a copy today.

RoF Cover Art

Anne Cain did the cover art for Realms of Fantasy, our novel coming out from Samhain on April 1st. Holy cow, batman! I can't say enough good about Anne. She took my ideas and captured Lucifer and Michael perfectly.

Bigger image under cut.

Plus Torquere accepted Blood Ties and His Sire's Heart. Plussss, Phaze accepted Edge of Nothingness. Ties is coming out later this year and Edge will out in Dec. Heart mostly likely early 2009 along with The Band. It's a glorious day.

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The 7 video is done. I think this one is my favorite. All that nakeeey man flesh. *rowr*

HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daughter's birthday party. Five preteen girls racing around the house like mad, high on cake, ice cream, cookies and candy. And there are 3 tents up in my living room. They are here all night. They won't leave until tomorrow.